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Four New nFics Added!!!

We’ve added four new fanfics to the nFic Archive this week. Please be sure to check them out!! Story of Their Life, The – (265k) by LoisClark2014 (A George and Lynn Fanfic) Let Them Eat Cake – (23k) by Groobie Sex Magic – (37k) by Groobie Unique Individuals – (101k) by Groobie Thanks A 🙂

New Nfic Added

Today we added a new Nfic to the archive, so be sure to check it out!! Password – (63k) by Groobie We are always looking for new fanfics to be added to encourage authors to submit their Nfics here!! Thanks A

Three New nFanfics Added

Today, we’ve added the following nFanfics to the archive! While they may not be new, they are new to us! So stop on over and enjoy! Harmonicity – (144k) by Groobie Ten-Year Itch, The – (26k) by EditorJax Art of Initiative, The – (30k) by EditorJax

Five new fanfics added for the week of 1/23/15!

Hey fellow fanfic readers. Today we’re adding 5 new fanfics that are new to the Nfic Archive so please be sure to settle in for some reading. They are all courtesy of Sue S. Difference, The – (49k) Faking It – (40k) Indoor Sports – (59k) Lunch – (53k) Show Me – (67k) Would you […]

Four new fanfics added for the week of 1/16/15!

Today we’ve added four new fanfics to the Nfic Archive. All by Groobie. So grab a cup of hot beverage, hunker down from the cold and go do some reading. Stoking the Muse – (19k) What a Gentleman Desires: The Nfic Continuation – (41k) Darkest Timeline, The – (28k) Distant Closeness – (58k) Enjoy! A […]

We’ve added a new author …

… and the first new Nfanfic in over 5 years!! Welcome VirginiaR to the Archive!!! Click on over to her page to read her fanfics! Thanks A 😉

Upgrade Fully Completed!!!

The site upgrade is now fully completed! The sorted by author page is finished. This was completed with a huge help from Groobie!!! Make sure to give her the kudos she deserves!! If you find any errors or broken links please be sure to Contact Us and we’ll get them fixed ASAP. Also, a tiny […]