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1. Get an editor. No fanfic will be posted without going through one. I do not provide the editing capabilities of the Archive. I always encourage those wanting to post to the Nfic Archive to first go through the PG site, the PG Lois and Clark Fanfiction Archive, where you will be assigned to a general editor before they post your fanfic. It is helpful, of course, to have a PG version of your nfic, since they only accept fanfic with ratings of PG-13 and under.

Another good place to start is the Fanfic Message Boards. This also is a good place for immediate feedback.

There also are a number of FoLCs who might be willing to edit for you (if the time permits for them, so please write to ask first ;).)

2. Grammar … grammar … grammar! Using MS Word’s grammar check is not sufficient. Bill is a programmer not a writer. 😉 Also be wary of the spell checker, although it is good to use before submitting to your editor (so you don’t drive them crazy) a spell check may also miss word fragments.

Please check out the Fanfic Archive’s Grammar FAQs

3. We reserve the right to refuse any submission.

4. Submission email address. Must be submitted as a text attachment to lncnfic @ or you can use our new Submission Form: